How does the visuReal Master software work?

The visuReal Master is calibrated in such a way,

  • every point of the measuring object is captured in the beam path of both cameras.
  • a representative set of points in space within the measuring range, are captured in the calibration and rectification process and stored in three-dimensional (spatial, x, y, z coordinates).
  • From this, matrices are calculated in which device-specific deviations of cameras and/or their lenses are also corrected.

This entire procedure has been developed by the renowned “Fraunhofer Institute of Factory Operation and Automation IFF Magdeburg” and is used under license.

This means that the visuReal Master software searches for differences between the images taken and calculates them using the rule of three. 

For the correct calculation of the values all measurement marks/points are needed.

So the pupil center is not only needed for the x,y values, but also for the calculation of the HSA, FSA values and the eye rotation point.